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Unravel Me - Kendall Ryan I liked this story..It didnt have the "wow" factor for me but it was a nice twist on the amnesia storyline. "Logan" and Ashlyn meet while he is being held in a hospital, suspected of murder but having no memory of this alledged crime. Ashlyn is a PhD student studying his amnesia for her thesis but the moment she sees him its instant attraction. Ashlyn lets him stay at her apartment as they try to discover who he really is. Along the way they find out they cant keep their hands off each other so there were so enjoyable steamy scenes. I really like Kendall Ryan's writing style and this story held my interest. The only problem for me was it was too short. I like a little more back story with characters. This just felt a little rushed and everything wrapped up a little too quickly in the end for me. Of course, this is only my opinion and I guess there was really no way to delve into Logans past since he couldnt remember it himself. Al will definitely be reading more from this author.