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Sweet Thing - Renée Carlino 4.5 fabulous stars!!! I just loved this story from beginning to end. Mia and Will are both talented musicians. They have so much in common and their chemistry is off the charts. Their relationship develops over time as they go from roomies, to best friends and then so much more. Will is a romantic soul, hes devoted, loyal and very patient. He does alot of waiting while Mia sorts through her issues and her idea of what her "perfect man" should be. The poems and songs he wrote just made me swoon!

I also loved all the musical references to songs and musicians. I had the tunes playing in my head while reading. Throw in a sweet yellow lab and this book just had it all for me. I really connected with both characters and I couldnt put this story down. Im adding another book boyfriend to the shelf and his name is Wilbur. So happy some of my G/R girls suggested this book. It was just what I was looking for!